In Store Ordering Information

We're so glad that we can welcome customers back into our little store.

Placing your order

Place your order with one of our team
Pay for your order by card. (We will be accepting cash once again in the near future)
Provide us with a mobile number you'd like to receive order updates on, unless you're staying in store.

Now to wait...

We'll give you an estimated wait time. It's up to you if you wait in store or leave.

"Your order is ready to collect"

We'll send you a text to let you know your order is ready to collect.

We usually remember a friendly face, but we may ask for your order number (it's in the text we send you).

(The text is treated as proof of purchase)

Don't worry if you're not near the store when we've sent you the text.
Just head to our store as soon as you can.
We'll keep your order in a heated bag until you arrive.

There's some important notes to read below here

No really…

Give them a read whilst you wait!

Additional Notes

Theres a few other things to tell you…

  • If you've forgotten to order something and we haven't finished making up your order we should be able to add items. Dips, Drinks & Ice Creams can be ordered at any time.
  • We can only keep your order in one of our heated bags for 30 minutes before it starts to lose temperature.
  • Timed orders are welcome, but may not be ready at the exact time so please make sure you wait for our texts.

Signal is important…

We cannot be held responsible if you are unable to receive SMS text messages where you are. We'll give you your estimated wait time, so if you can't get a decent signal on your mobile where you are please aim to get to our store around the time we said your order should be ready by.

Show me the… … … text…

Because orders are paid for at the time of placing them we cannot release an order without seeing the text we send you. Our team can change the number we send messages to before we send the first text. No offence, but… we may not know who you are!

We intend to break up with you…

As soon as we send you the final text message your mobile number is removed from our database. It's a one order stand, just want to be clear - no long term relationship here.

This doesn't effect other places we may store your mobile number, such as on our till or NHS discount system. We keep the last 4 digits of your number in our database so we can make sure messages were sent, but we can't do anything with that information beyond basic analytics.