World Tour Pizzas

These pizzas are inspired by world cuisine.

Montego Bay

Spicy, sweet and guaranteed to take you to a happy place.

Our house cooked shredded Jerk chicken, pineapple & Jalapeños

Picanto Frango

A slice of Portugal.

Plain chicken, roasted red peppers, caramelised onions; topped with a fiery peri peri sauce

Nador (2nd Edition)

Take a trip beyond the Mediterranean sea and land on the shores of North Africa.

Our slow-cooked Moroccan spiced lamb, roasted peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, caramelised onions & a light sprinkle of feta; served with a pot of mint yoghurt dressing


The subtle taste of Greece.

Roasted artichoke hearts, semi-dried tomatoes, black olives & feta; finished with a balsamic glaze drizzle

Classic & Speciality Pizzas

Unless otherwise stated, our pizzas are on a rich tomato pizza sauce and topped with 100% shredded mozzarella.

The Festive Works Updated for 2021

House cooked Turkey Breast, Lincolnshire sausage & streaky bacon on a cranberry base topped with 100% mozzarella, sage & onion stuffing and finished with a sprinkle of sage and drizzled with rich Turkey gravy

Available until 31st December or until stocks last. The Festive Works is not available as part of any meal deals


Just mozzarella & tomato


Ham & mushrooms


Ham & pineapple


Pepperoni & more pepperoni

The English

Mushrooms, streaky bacon & sausage

Tuna Melt

Tuna, sweetcorn & Parmesan cheese

Pomodoro Tonno

Semi-dried tomatoes, tuna & caramelised onions

American Hot

Pepperoni, more pepperoni & Jalapeño peppers


Spicy chicken, red onions & mixed peppers


Streaky bacon, red onions & goats' cheese

Capre Verde

Semi-dried tomatoes, black olives & goats' cheese on a basil pesto & tomato base


Spicy beef, pepperoni, Jalapeño peppers & habanero hot sauce


Ham, sliced chorizo, red onions, semi-dried tomatoes & garlic

Cajun Chicken

Plain chicken, cajun spices, pepperdew peppers, red onions & garlic oil

BBQ Pollo

Plain chicken, streaky bacon, red onions & mixed peppers on a BBQ base

Meat Feast

Spicy beef, spicy pork, spicy chicken & pepperoni

The Mac

Burger pieces (seasoned beef), sliced gherkins & diced onion topped with burger cheese; served with it's own Mac sauce dip

The M2

Spicy beef, spicy meatballs, streaky bacon & sausage on a BBQ base

BBQ Pulled Pork

Our house cooked pulled pork, red onions & mixed peppers on a Hickory BBQ base

3 Little Pigs

Our house cooked pulled pork, streaky bacon & sausage with a few chilli flakes

The Con Carne

Our house cooked chilli con carne, sweetcorn, tortilla chips, topped with 100% mozzarella & mature cheddar

Veggie Works

Mushrooms, red onions, mixed peppers, sweetcorn & pineapple

BBQ Jack

House-cooked BBQ jackfruit, mixed peppers, red onions on a Hickory BBQ base with Plantnation vegan mozzarella

Cajun Not-Chicken

Vegan chicken covered in cajun spices, red onions, Peppadew peppers, topped with garlic oil; with Plantnation vegan mozzarella