We are working hard to offer a larger range of plant based products, if you have any feedback or suggestions please visit our contact us page.

Starters & Sides

Potato Wedges

Oven baked, skin on wedges of potato

Curly Fries

Oven baked seasoned twister fries

Saucy not-Meatballs

We know our lightly spiced pizza sauce is great tasting but added to Moving Mountain deliciously succulent plant-based Meatballs makes for the perfect side.


Our vegan pizzas are on a rich tomato pizza sauce (unless otherwise stated) and topped with Plantnation's Vegan cheese.

Vegan Margherita

Our classic, lightly spiced Pizza sauce topped with Plantnation vegan mozzarella

BBQ no-Pollo

Vegan chicken, this isn't Bacon, red onions and mixed peppers on a BBQ base

Cajun Not-Chicken

Vegan chicken covered in cajun spices, red onions, Peppadew peppers, topped with garlic oil

Vegan Veggie Works

Mushrooms, red onions, mixed peppers, sweetcorn & pineapple

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Fabulously fudgy brownies in the non-dairy version of this fan favourite come from New York's Greyston Bakery